Our Vision

DSHRD has very broad vision towards humanity and society. The main moto of this organization is to provide clean and clear atmosphere and prevail peace in the society. DSHRD mainly throws its attention in the rural area because it is the place where each and every class is suffering because of unawareness and lake of facilities. We mainly deal with domestic violence, women empowerment, abolition of child labour, drugs free youth, environmental protection, save Gangs to be polluted by untreated water & due to religious activities.

1 Awareness in the society related to their rights and duties: (Relation between Rights and Duties)

A. Rights and Duties always go together: Rights and duties are closely related and cannot be separated from one another. Both go side by side. These are the two sides of the same coin. If the state gives the right to life to a citizen, it also imposes an obligation on him to not to expose his life to dangers, as well as to respect the life of others. If I have a right to work and earn, it is also my duty to recognize the same right of others

B. Right of One is the Duty of Others: Rights can be enjoyed only in the world of duties. For every right there is corresponding duty. When the people fail to discharge their duties properly, the rights all become meaningless. “I can enjoy my rights only if the others allow me to do the same. I have” the right to life and it is the duty of others to respect my life and not to cause any harm to me.”

C. Rights of a Citizen also implies Duties for him: Rights are not the monopoly of a single individual. Everybody gets these equally. Laski has rightly said that one man’s right is also his duty. It is my duty to respect the rights of others as well as the duty to use my rights in the
interest of society.

D. Rights are to be used for Social Good: Rights originate in society. Therefore, while enjoying rights, we must always try to promote social interest. It is the duty of every one of us to use our rights for promoting the welfare of the society as a whole.E. Duty towards the State: Since state protects and enforces rights, it also becomes the duty of all citizens to be loyal to the state. It is
their duty to obey the laws of the state and to pay taxes honestly. Citizens should always be ready to defend the state. Thus a citizen has both Rights and Duties. He enjoys rights and performs his duties. Rights and Duties are the two sides of the same coin.

2 Labor Child:
Abolition of child labour: our government has made rule to provide free education to every child under 14 years under the rule of compulsory education. In our villages especially in brick factories and Dhabas situated on road side a lot of children under 14 years are engaged to earn their livelihood. Our organisation generally used to go to make an inspection in brick factories and convince their parents to teach them in government school where education is free and even each and every private school are also been compelled to take admission free up to 25% of students in their school.

It is very commonly known that children are the future of our country and if we will not teach our children, is it possible to make bright future of our country? so it is very necessary to teach our children and make the foundation of our country strong and bright.

3 Women Empowerment:
(A) Awareness against Domestic Violence: As for as women empowerment is concern we mainly make aware to the half of population of our society that what is our rights provided by constitution and what schemes is provided to the women by central & state Govt and where they can go to make there complaints against domestic violence that they suffer mainly in there homes and how can they stand for there rights.

(B) Self Defense Training Programme: Simultaneously we have make a plan teach our daughters about good touch and bad touch and trained then about self-protraction skill. Such type of education and training will be provided in our schools and collages campus so that each and every girl child can learn these skills and can protect herself in crucial movement. Because such type of training is very compulsory in today’s atmosphere when our girl child is not safe at any place. Our specious tells us that India is the most dangerous place for women. undoubtedly our government has made so many laws for women but in spite of this there not safe. These laws can’t protect them Laws are totally failure in our rural areas our women are totally unaware of such laws and its benefits so DSHRD is always try to make aware women about these schemes and laws through our seminars. Reason of our focus in this sector.

4 Environment:
Environment means in short term is the surrounding in which we live means whatever we breath eat and drink is the part of environment. It means it is very compulsory to keep it clean and healthy but today’s irony is that it is totally polluted and we are compelled to live in the polluted environment and it got polluted just because of our activities because we are regularly used cutting down trees in large numbers to fulfil our requirements as for house factories mills and roads. we are running behind urbanization but going far away from clean and pure environment and it is very harmful not only for today’s generation but also for upcoming generation. so, our organisation is always trying to make awareness through our seminars about its prons and cons we inspire them for afforestation to save today and tomorrow and lead a healthy life in an healthy environment.
it is our plan to teach children regarding environmental protection in schools and colleges.

5 Awareness about government schemes in the society:
As we know that our government is making new plans to make Digital India As a developed country. If we talked about health sector it is the spinal cord of a country if people is healthy country will be healthy itself our government is making a lot of new scheme and plans to keep country healthy as Ayushman Yojana under it a candidate can get free treatment up to 5 lacs by government and our government hospital are also being digital that’s why most of the hospitals are being e-hospital and even in villages ANM centres are being upgraded in this section our organisation is making an effort to tell more and more about government scheme to people and get benefit of schemes. Our government always addresses our youth through “Man ki Baat” he wants to connect youth with main stream and addresses them that they should use their positive energy for the development of country because they are the real power of country, they shouldn’t waste their energy to prevail Arajakta, Avyavastha familism and casteism. He increases our youth to raise their voice against wrong system if system will not follow right path, they can make a complaint in. it’s related department. He also instructed to follow the principal of Vivekananda and develop the spirituality and come forward to help poor and make aware to accept Swadeshi and develop self-employment. He also wants to unite handicapped and mentally disordered people to our common stream. we want to develop this idea that disabled are not burden on the society but special gift for society so our organisation is always ready to make aware of government schemes and plans to the society.

6 Drugs Free Youth:
Drug addiction is a complex neurobiological disease that requires treatment of the mind, body and spirit. It is a brain disease because drugs affect the structure and functioning of the brain. In this disease person things that drugs to be his necessity to sustain life with continuous uses it becomes more fat are mainly in today’s generation teenagers are getting caught in this Evil a lot. The causes of them getting attracted to is peer pressure academic pressure excetra most teenagers find drugs to be an escape route from their mental physical and emotional issues this continuous use of drugs leads to health loss too. Teenagers are still and aware of the adverse effects of drugs is high doses main lead to death. Our organization arranges drug free camps to make people aware of its ill effects. it also offers teenagers proper education certificates and surprises in response to leaving the drugs.