About Us

DSHRD or Devoted society for human reformation and development is an NGO which has been organized to bring improvement by eliminating the social evils and social exploitation mainly prevailing in human society and which holds its leading position in the institution working in the field of human rights. This organization has been come into the existence on 10th September 2004 under the Protection of Human Rights Act 1993 (Human Rights Protection Act 1993) for the protection and promotion of the rights conferred by the Constitution
as per Section 2.

As it is well known that man is given the right to live freely by nature from birth. Along with birth right, he is also given social and constitutional rights, which mainly include the right to live, right to education, right to speech and right to
expression, right to travel and right to earn livelihood, right to equality and, Right to marriage. But what an irony it is! that while on one hand we are given rights by society and constitution, on the other hand we are also denied our rights by this society and law. These Rights are also exploited. To prevent such exploitation and to provide protection and assistance to exploited persons. DSHRD was brought into existence, whose basic objective is to
remove the evil practices and exploitation and ignorance prevailing in the general public and build a fear-free society. As we all know that National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) and Human Rights Courts have been constituted to protect human rights whose main task is to investigate and dispose of causes related to human rights violations. And it has to examine the recommendations proposed by the field related
NGOs and guide them for execution.

The work of making public awareness seminars in the society by DSHRD and making them aware has been going on continuously since 2004 and along with informing the human beings about their rights, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, Women Empowerment, Child Labor Abolition, Environmental Protection, Water Conservation have also been burning issues in the society as well as providing all possible judicial help to the public. In the prison It is recommended to follow the recommendations of the the DK Basu Protection Act. Going to these issues DSHRD workers are always ready to investigate and resolve complains related to child labour, domestic violence and mentally and physically disorder

This organization is always (24*7) ready to help everyone by eliminating the discrimination of caste creed religion
gender rich and poor.

Logo It’s logo gives the message that as lotus grows in muddy water but symbolizes purity and hypnotizes everyone with its beauty, similarly this organization is organized in this society for protection from its solidarity and uninterrupted efforts for prevention of social problems and evils.

Orange represents enthusiasm fascination happiness creativity determination of attraction success and encouragement In heraldry” orange is symbolic of strength and endurance”.

Yellow stands for freshness happiness positivity optimist enlightment energy and joy. Blue it is the colour of sky and sea blue color is” the Echo of life travel and discoveries literally and figuratively”

“As for as its colours are concerned each and every colour consist its deep meaning in itself and reflects our vision as Orange shows our enthusiasm and determination to bring happiness and enlightment in the society or one’s life with confidence and prudence

The literary meaning of Devoted Society for Human Reformation and Development (DSHRD):-
(D) Devoted:- It means “A lover who is always by your side and who adores you always”
(S) Society:- “According to came bridge the state of being together with other people”
An organization of people who have a special interest or who want to support particular activities
(H) Human:- “According to Cambridge being relating to or belonging to a person or to people”
(R) Reformation:- Reformation means making changes to something with the intention of setting it back on the right path.
“According to Cambridge reformers and means the act of making an improvement specially by.”
(D) Development:- The process of creating something more advanced.
“According to Cambridge development means the process in which someone or something grows or changes and become more advanced.”

“According to Cambridge a loyal and steadfast organization of people who have special in making improvement and creating something more advanced for being.